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We live in a rapidly evolving world of work where more of us than ever are carving our own path through freelancing. Freelance work offers us the freedom to pursue our passions and to control when and how we work. But with rapid change, it is always difficult for organisations and institutions to keep up. And when the term freelancing covers such a huge variety of jobs and industries, any help and support is all too often too targeted to be relevant to the majority.

That’s where UnderPinned fits in: we are an ambitious project that wants to drive the world of work forwards. We set out to develop UnderPinned with one goal in mind: to simplify freelancers’ lives so you can focus on doing the things you love. We want to be the foundation for freelancers to succeed: from young creatives to parents working part-time, business consultants to back-end developers, artists to accountants, fitness coaches to people in construction, and everyone in between.

We have created a place to help every freelancer to stay on top of their career and the lifestyle they build around it. A place where it’s easy to access information, identify opportunities, and to understand what you need to grow, and how.

To support our vision, UnderPinned’s platform is split into three sections, each designed with your careers in mind and to support a different aspect of freelance development and success.

A voice

Through our online magazine, we are publishing exclusive content dedicated to freelancers. Focused on work, lifestyle and culture, UnderPinned’s content exists exclusively for the freelance community. We offer articles on industry-related themes, a showcase of freelancers and best-practice from across the UK, how-to guides, updates on relevant news, a weekly podcast, and short films, all designed to support the needs of the freelance community.

A Community and network of trusted partners

At the heart of progress is collaboration. Our platform is geared towards helping you access a non-partisan network of engaged freelancers, useful services, and relevant products that will help you work better and smarter. We take the time to curate a set of best-in-class partners that you can trust, based on our genuine belief in their quality following our stringent vetting process. More broadly, we encourage our members to connect, ask questions of each other, of us, and of the industries we work in. We will also showcase and interview freelancers every week, giving them the chance to educate, inform, and inspire our community.

A technology platform

We are working to create a virtual office experience that lets you organise your career in one place. Our development team is building a platform that will be a freelance one-stop-shop, with easy access to everything you need to manage your life and work. We will help to maximise your opportunities and minimise monotonous processes, through a curated information centre, advice forums, and a career portal where you can manage your portfolio, CV, contacts, and admin. As we go forward, we’ll be developing a system that covers every aspect of your career management, based on your feedback and input.

We’re here to keep you up-to-date, supported, and empowered. As UnderPinned moves forward, we want to put our community at the centre of our development, so we can learn how to best serve your needs in developing the freelance career you’ve always dreamed of.

It’s time for the world of work to change, and for you to be able to follow your passion without the hassle and onerous admin. If you’re worried about your freelancing future, just know that we are going to be with you every step of the way, and we’ll be working 24-7 to get there so you don’t have to.

Welcome to UnderPinned: your foundation to freelance success.

Albert & Jack

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COVID-19 Resource for freelancers


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