Sustainable fashion has long been a holy grail in the industry, but very few brands have been able to find the balance between affordability and style. Shoreditch Ski Club has thrown their hat into the ring, but have they been able to find that balance?

Everyone is doing it. Your friends, neighbours, heck, even your parents. Everyone made impulse purchases only to leave them in the wardrobe to hesitantly grab every now and then before putting them back where they were before. Show me one closet without a pair of pants two sizes too small, red cowboy boots that would “suit every occasion” or a tight, sequined number with a décolletage as low as your bellybutton that will “keep everyone’s eyes peeled, including that guy from work who was totally flirting whilst you were trying to figure out how to pour coffee into your mouth and be hungover in an unobservable way at the same time”. No such thing. (The coffee pouring does indeed exist, unlike wardrobes without a single unworn item in them.)

People buy a lot of stuff they don’t need. According to statistics released by waste charity Warp, there’s a total of £30 billion worth of clothing knocking about in UK households, with an added £12.5 billion worth (300,000 tonnes) ending up in the landfill each year.

This is where the Shoreditch Ski Club comes into the picture. All Saints’ creative director Wil Beedle’s latest venture has been occupying a retail space (made of repurposed marble and concrete) on the third floor of Selfridges since last week, but fashion insiders have already taken notice. With a manifesto that’ll melt your heart (instead of the polar ice caps) and garments as covetable as a lock of Rihanna’s hair (very), we predict that the Shoreditch Ski Club has a lot more in store.

On offer, you’ll find puffer jackets made of recycled plastic bottles. Some are adorned with pearl studs, others with lush shearling lapels, and some with leather harnesses. There’s also some extra soft, fully recyclable merino numbers, plus tightly fit jeans (or the eco warrior’s equivalent of leggings, the jury is still out). Either way, these garments are so beautiful you’ll hardly muster the strength to take them off at all, not to mention leaving them in a dark and desolate wardrobe. That would be unfathomable.

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