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Lila Tristram:

My name is Lila Tristram, and I am a musician.

I think every artist, whatever the medium, finds it difficult to pinpoint a definition for their practice. And when asked what kind of musician I am (apparently one-word answers aren’t enough to feed the appetite of the modern small talker), I reliably stumble at this predictable first hurdle.

I suppose the thing I’ve invested most of my creative energy into is that I am a singer-songwriter. Mainly acoustic, my songs address themes of humanity, femininity and nature. I spend days writing lyrics, and am constantly baffled when I meet fellow songwriters who can ‘bash out a song a day’. How unnerving. I can also be a bit of a music nerd and like to throw in interesting chords and harmonic shifts. People are always commenting on how they are reminded of the 70s folk revival movement by my songs.

There are some breathtaking contemporary singer-songwriters out there, but it’s undeniable that something always draws me back to the likes of Nick Drake and Joni Mitchell. Since releasing my first EP, under the name of O’ra Brigit, I have been working on my debut album. Needless to say, it has been a turbulent journey (message to past self: making an album is NOT like making three EPs and sticking them together) and is by no means finished yet! Eight months down the road and I’ve started describing it as being in some kind of gestation period. But it is slowly getting there.

Recently, I have also started working more with filmmakers. This has been from both sides of the lens; making music videos for my new songs and composing for films. It really brings a different element to music-making, having the considerations and insights of a visual artist to work with. Composing was always my strength during my time studying music, and the marriage between instrumental “classical” music and film is a beautiful and very exciting thing to be part of. Music can really make films come alive and vice versa.

The shared experience of creative collaboration is an amazing thing, and something very different from the solitary gigging that I’m used to. There’s something about the look that’s shared between a group when you have collectively made something really work. It’s intangible but I’m pretty sure I could live off that feeling alone.

Cris Blaize:

My name is Cris Blaize and I am a freelance photographer and videographer.

After graduating in Media Broadcasting I started freelancing, working under the name N.A.F Media, which stands for New Age Family, a name I chose carefully to show I treat my customers how I treat my family. With respect and attention to detail, I ensure my customers receive the best service possible. By working with me you are a part of my New Age Family.

From a young age, I was interested in capturing the moment. Portrait Photography was never of interest to me. I’ve always felt that the camera catches someone’s true essence, only when they are unaware their picture is being taken.

Maybe this is why I started to like Event Photography so much. Throughout the years I have evolved and gained a passion for Portrait, Fashion, Sport and Landscape photography.

I am also interested in making music videos but I mostly create promotional videos. Final Cut X is what I use to build my creations and give it life.

My previous work captures children’s charities, carnivals, protests, as well as live music concerts.

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