Will Hart

Hi, I’m Will (a.k.a Agrippa) and I’m a musician, producer and DJ.

I am self-taught in all 3 of these, and actually, have more of a scientific background in terms of training. I have recently launched my own record label ‘Par Avion’ with a few close friends, Henry Greenleaf and Meta.

Par Avion records are all released on heavy-weight vinyl, which I hand-stamp, and apply our signature sticker sets to the sleeves. It’s quite a DIY set-up, with a lot of hand-made, more organic elements to the design, but in line with the design ethos of the label.

All of the concept work is built around an interface between digital and analogue media. On discovering the insane diversity in old rare stamp designs, myself and Henry began playing with digital fragmentations of these otherwise quite tangible, real-feeling objects.

As far as my own music goes, I have been lucky enough to have released vinyl on two great labels, ‘Brotherhood Sound System’ and Berlin-based ‘Version’, prior to launching Par Avion. I’ve also released some earlier work on digital label Circular Jaw.

The focus in music for me personally will always be percussion, as I began my musical journey with the drums. I got quite a lot of kudos for incorporating more of the rhythms that I want to hear into a rigid dance music framework in my early releases, so I’ve had more faith in following that impulse in the last year or so.

In terms of shows, I’ve been very fortunate to have gigged all over the UK in my short career, with a couple of shows in Europe to date. Excitingly I’m headed out to Vancouver in July for Bass Coast Festival, which represents a bit of step up for me, gig-wise.

I’m super excited to be taking Par Avion’s music to North America, and for all the other cool radio and club stuff coming in for later in the year!

Anyone interested in booking myself for their night should contact: matt@octaveagency.co.uk

Amié Turnbull

My name is Amié Turnbull, I am a makeup artist based in Surrey.

My freelance journey into the world of Makeup began in 2014 after graduating from London College of Fashion where I studied Makeup & Prosthetics for Performance.

Upon completing my studies, I was unsure of what aspect of Makeup I wanted to pursue, so I got a night job and filled my days working a lot for free and on collaborative pieces (mostly fashion shoots), building the confidence and knowledge needed to thrive in such a fiercely competitive industry.

After a year of collabs, mostly with fashion students, I fell into working on short films with acting and film students – I was hooked. In film, I was able to utilise my more practical skills such as prosthetics & sfx makeup.

I love the gore and the logistics that go into making a prosthetic piece look and function like a real injury.

One of my first big budget features was a trainee job on Solo: A Star Wars Story. It was a different world to what I’d become accustomed to on Independent films.

It was incredible, although I still like to do a mix of makeup jobs where possible. After months shooting one thing I find myself popping back into fashion for the next job – I really enjoy variety within my work.

I recently went to the screening for the first feature I worked on as “Makeup Designer”, my biggest role in film to date. It was a horror film so as you can imagine I was in my element designing and working on “Criminal Audition.”

New ventures; I recently set up a Wedding Makeup Business called Bespoke. Bridal. Beauty. with another Freelance MUA (Lucy Bowler).

Starting up has certainly been a challenge but our combined experiences as freelancers taught us a lot and gave us a lot of skills to bring to the business.

As I continue my professional journey, I like to think of my career as one big learning experience that continuously grows with each project, collaboration and film. Follow my journey on @bespoke.bridalbeauty

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