Josh Lewis

Hi, My name is Joshua Lewis. I am a London based Actor who has worked on Film, Television and Stage productions. I currently study at Identity School of Acting, The Unseen Drama School, and prior to this attended Jackie Palmer Stage School, where I trained in Acting, Singing and Dance.

Previously, I have worked on projects such as ITV’s long-standing crime drama Foyle’s War, What Happened to Evie, under the direction of BAFTA winner Kate Cheeseman, which won Best Short Film by a Woman at Cannes Film Festival, and stage shows such as Fox Hunting, at the Courtyard Theatre.

As well as this, I have just finished a run of a new piece of theatre titled Splinter, which included my own writing, at The Bunker Theatre. In May I begin work on a new project titled Adolescence, under the direction of Zeb Daemen, shooting in Cornwall and surrounding areas.

From a very young age, I always wanted to be an Actor, much to the chagrin of my parents (Sorry Dad). I was lucky enough to work as a child, which showed me early on just how amazing this industry truly is.

For me, Acting is about asking questions. When approaching a character, I try to know them as well as I know myself. Whilst this is not always given in the script, it is the artist’s job to fill in the blanks and understand why that character acts that way or says that line.

If you ask enough questions, eventually you arrive at the core of that individual, and in turn, create an authentic and unique character. Although I will never fully understand the intricacies of human emotion, with every character I try to get closer. If you can bring truth to your performance, you’re on to a winner.

Simply put, Acting is living truthfully under imaginary circumstances.

If you fancy keeping an eye on some of the exciting projects coming up over the next few months, hit up @joshualew on Instagram.

Danielle King

My name is Danielle, I am a photographer and creative based in Lincolnshire. I studied photography at Manchester School of Art, where I discovered my love of analogue techniques and the details of the hand processes behind them.

All of my work is shot on my Hasselblad 500c, which is a square format 120mm film camera. I then hand develop and print them myself in a darkroom.

To physically be part of the developing and printing of my work is really important to me and links closely to the work I have been making which focuses on farming and agriculture.

With my work, my aim is to present purely and in whole the ‘behind the scenes’ of the industry. Growing up a farmer’s daughter, I have experienced it in a very different way to many and wanted to be able to present the beauty and facts that are often overlooked and ignored.

I have travelled to many farms up and down the UK taking photographs and speaking to farmers in length about their opinions on Brexit and how the industry is often misunderstood. I even assisted in the difficult birth of a calf!

I hope that my work is able to present the true happenings of the industry and also show the struggles and joys of what it means to be a farmer. See more on @daniellekingphoto.


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